Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Only you can prevent goatheads! by cyclotourist
Goathead thorns have the potential to make this a miserable ride for you. There are a LOT out here. Out of towners have had to abandon when they weren't prepared for this and it killed their ride. Locals do better as I think we know how to watch out for them. Goatheads are not a native species so luckily they only grow where there is a water source. You won't find them on the trails. But you will find them in the suburban transition zones as well as the agriculture areas where there is water run-off. And guess what, we're riding through a lot of suburban transition and ag areas!

To avoid them the best thing you can do is to not ride in the gutters or on the dirt shoulders of roads. That 100% where you'll find them. Carry at least TWO extra tubes in addition to a patch kit.

I would also HIGHLY recommend using some sort of sealant. Either latex based or the glycol basd. Whatever, you will appreciate it. You don't need to run tubeless, just fill some of your tubes with the product. Here is a great set up to consider: (Rob's going to be coming down for this ride!!!)

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