Wednesday, March 17, 2021

One Year In - Update and Thanks!

This coming Saturday is the third Saturday in March, which is when we historically held the Redlands Strada Rossa. Currently San Bernardino County just came out of purple last week, and we're still very much in the red. There is no way we could or would want to put together any sort of formal event. We love you all and thank you for the interest, well wishes, and support you have sent out way over the last year. We hope you and your family are healthy and getting by, and that we can hold a celebratory ride soon! 

Right now, the weather is perfect, our hills are green, oranges are being harvested, the dirt is hero-grade, and the roads are nearly empty. We encourage you to come out and ride in Redlands and the east valley this weekend! Consider stopping by our sponsors and thanking them by buying an inner tube or a beer (Your choice, who are we to judge). The Redlands and Crafton Hills Conservancies still receive our support, and want you to come ride your bikes on the trails they maintain! 
Below are routes from previous years... ride one of them or put your own ride together. They have not been updated, and show the route as it was, so there may be access issues in 2021 that weren't there in 2014. It's an adventure. Just go ride a bike somewhere this weekend! 

2018:  (My favorite route!!!)

2019: (No permission for dam right now)

2021:  You have options!

If you do ride this weekend, take some photos and tag us in them to keep the stoke alive!!! 
Seriously, we'd love to see your adventure! 

Cyclery USA:

Stell Coffee and Tea Co:

Fun Artists Design and Screenprinting:

Yucaipa Bike Center:

à la Minute Handcrafted Ice Cream:

Three Sisters Farm:

Don's Bicycles:

Monster Media Inc.:

Village Bread:

Wheel Tales Bike Adventures:

Econo Bike:

Ritual Brewing Co.: