Friday, March 13, 2020

March 21 RSR Postponed

This was emailed out to all registered participants from our ride director:

In seven years i never thought i'd say this; the ride will not go on.
Our all-volunteer crew took great pains to sketch out a contingency plan and mitigate the impact of drawing nearly 600 people together to share their love of gravel. With each day that passes though, there is more writing on the wall. We have decided to adhere to the Governor's recommendation and help "flatten the curve".
flatten the curve
On behalf of the entire crew, i am genuinely sorry for the inconvenience we know this causes. we don't have an alternate date to share yet, but conceivably we will be sending you through our (much browner) hills in early Summer or in the Fall. If you're frustrated, trust me, I understand. It would have been a lot easier to make this decision if we had been planning on packing you into an auditorium.
If it is at all possible for you to hold onto your ticket until we settle on a date, that would be a godsend. If you need us to issue you a refund now, just reply to this email.
We know you're disappointed. We know that some of you were preparing to fly or drive great distances. We also know that you yourselves are healthy and not particularly vulnerable. I speak as the father of a newborn and the son of someone with stage 4 liver cancer though. Deciding to carry on would have meant possibly asking someone else to pay the price for our fun.
What can you do now? Go out and ride your bike for godsakes. its a safe and sanity preserving activity, especially in times like these. And it beats hoarding toilet paper. ;)
ride director

Event Status Update

Thought we would give you all a quick status of the event situation. We are addressing safety and health concerns in regards to the current public health situation as it applies to COVID-19.

At this time (3/13) the event is still happening. There have been a few cancellations which will help to get some folks on the waiting list on the roster.

All that said, anything can happen at a time of great concern. There will be an email this weekend addressing the situation and changes, to all current registered riders.
Meanwhile.,stay safe and see you next Saturday.


Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Redlands Strada Rossa has always been a grass roots event. It is 100% run by people who live and work here in the Redlands area. The holds true for our many sponsors over the years. We are thankful for all they do to make this event happen, and would not be able to hold this event without them!

Please take a moment to consider our community partners and sponsors that donate both product and more importantly time to support us. They are all good people, and deserve your future consideration!!!

Cyclery USA:

Stell Coffee and Tea Co:

Fun Artists Design and Screenprinting:

Yucaipa Bike Center:

à la Minute Handcrafted Ice Cream:

Three Sisters Farm:

Don's Bicycles:

Monster Media Inc.:

Village Bread:

Wheel Tales Bike Adventures:

Econo Bike:

Ritual Brewing Co.: