Saturday, February 21, 2015

I don't think I have the right bike for the Redlands Strada Rossa!!!

Can you do it on road slicks?

Of course! Just ride wheelies the whole way!

Will you have a good time on a dual-suspension MTB?

Redlands Strada Rossa
I don't know, does she look like she's having a bad time???

There is no bike that can't do this on, but yes, a cross bike with 35-ish tires would be best. But if you're at all interested, the entry bar is pretty low, so run what you brung and get out there!

Uphill section that many with road bikes walked. Great surroundings!

The 50km will be designed so that just about any bike and rider and do it without problems. Don't worry about the terrain or bike, just the rider's fitness. If you can ride 25-35 miles, you can do this! The idea is to promote mixed-terrain riding, and the whole run whatcha' brung philosophy of getting it done!

The 100km is going to be tougher. No joke. Not only is the distance doubled, but there is a lot more climbing and a lot more dirt. Whatever bike you bring, you need to feel comfortable ascending and descending in the dirt on it. The 100km is not the ride to find out if you like riding stuff like this! You have four weeks to figure that part out!!!

That said, the safe bet is to sign up for the 100, and then peel off and do the 50 if you just aren't feeling it. Only downside is that you'll end up finishing early, and may arrive back in town too early for the post-ride festivities. So hang out, ride around a bit more, and come back for the fun!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Patches, patches, come get your patches!!!

Some of us, who will remain nameless, love ride patches. Can't get enough of 'em. Small, inexpensive, memorable, what's not to like!!! 

Below is the commemorative patch for the Redlands Strada Rossa. It is designed by friend and RSR participant Philip who is selling them pre-order through his Etsy store. Made by Walter at Falls Creek Outfitters. Good people involved in this, all the way around!!!

Please take a moment to look at them, and I would encourage you to purchase! Philip will be bringing them down on the day of the event, and mailing to those who cannot make it. $5 investment in something unique and handmade!

In addition, he also made up the +3 Goathead Talisman of Power. Be sure to get one of these to ward off any unfortunate happenings whilst on the RSR or elsewhere on your travels! You can never be too safe!!!

If you are wondering how these will look IRL, take a look at one of the previous patches he did for last year's Entmoot at China Camp. No messing around with this guy!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Quotes of Awesomeness

Below are some of the responses we had from last year's event. A lot of satisfied customers!

"I went last year and it was a blast! I have ridden many century road rides, many pure MTB rides, but never a mixed surface event that was a little bit of everything with some navigating required. I found my 29er perfect for the event. The people I met were all friendly and in for a good ride (somebody was handing out cold PBRs just before the last big climb...thanks!)....I discovered places to ride I never would have known, and the beer at the end was cold and in a nice Strada Rosa mug.
Kudos for having such a fun event! I'm getting psyched up!" - emejay

"This was a great ride! I found the last 25 miles definitely the toughest, riding on San Timeteo a terror, and the people I met so friendly and helpful. It was challenging, but doable. A big thanks to all who helped put this on, and certainly whoever donated their house for the after ride party. That band playing had talent.....Thanks for a great day! I feel guilty it didn't cost anything, other than $20 for a tee shirt, and $10 for Strada Rossa glass full of cold brew" - emejay (again!)

"Strada Rossa in Redlands was an event worthy of annual status.  I couldn't ride the course but got to spend some time exploring downtown Redlands, a wonderful city with plenty of local businesses.  The apres' ride party featured music, food, beer & bikes.  Equipment was everything from serious looking MTBs to MCRBs." - dougP

"Bailed at mile 41. Total was 51.6 miles and 4,446 ft of elevation.Dave. Mark and the rest of IEBA, thanks for setting up the ride and your hospitality at the "Finish Line" party!!" - RFG

"One of the funnest cycling events, hell things, I did all last year! I'm IN! Thank you for hosting again." - Matt B.

"Simply amazing. Easily the most fun I've ever had on my cross-bike, and definitely up there as one of the coolest events around. The Strada Rossa refreshed my faith in humanity and reminds me how lucky we are to share the cycling bond. I expected the route to be really fun, and my expectations were exceeded! The cue sheet proved essential and the chalk arrows were there when I needed them. Beautiful Route, beautiful people, beautiful day! I will be jazzed on this event all the way to the next one. Thanks! IEBA!" - roach

Thanks to all the great riders I met that day and to those who organized this event." - Jose B-T

"Great course, I bailed at the 2nd crossing of San Timoteo and headed back to town, that was scary going up hill. Did a little over 37 miles. I definitely need to train if I ever want to finish this ride. May be I will head over to Crafton Hills just to do that section!!" - allroy71

"Had great time at this event! I hope you put some more on. Didn't take any pics to busy riding the route. Oh also thanks to the sweeper that rode with me to the 10 freeway." - Alex B.

"Great time though and big thanks to everyone who helped make this happen and to everyone else who stuck it out. Looks forward to hacking off a couple hours next time and now that I've seen of the trails the area has to offer might start doing some pre-rides well before then." - socal_eric

"Thanks so much for the ride! I didn't finish, but I had a lot of fun. Next year!" - Angela C.

"I am fine with the idea of having people join the IEBA. $25 is pretty cheap for something like this. Of course, the problem that you will run into is that the more people pay, the more support they expect. I didn't expect any support, so I was ready to ride it that way. But I did really like the beer at the bottom of the Grape Street section, so that was a good bonus. I'm up for a Fall one. It will motivate me to train a little bit more to try to finish it in better style. Thanks again. I thought it rocked." - Reedster

"Great event, Mark (and all those who helped put this together). Nathan and I both really enjoyed it. A good mix of everything: road, dirt, grueling climbs, fun downhill coasts, good scenery, gravel and sandy areas to slog through, etc. Best of all, we really enjoyed getting to know other riders along the way. Events like this always remind me of how cool the cycling community is. Made a lot of new friends today!" - Grace Y-C