Friday, January 31, 2014

That's it, we're full!

Just had the 150th person sign up to ride today!!! Great response for something that started off thinking it would be cool to get 10-20 people to link the local dirt in the area!

There is now a wait list that's been opened up: I'm sure that there will be some cancellations over the next six weeks and we'll let the wait-listers knows, so please sign up on that list if you're hoping to get in on the action!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Due to Popular Demand...

What an unprecedented response! We just hit our best-case scenario of 100 people signing up with seven weeks to go! Soooo, the new and improved plan is to bump the registration number up to 150 and work with TWO start times.

8:00 Start: You think it will take a bit longer to do the ride. Maybe walk a little bit of the singletrack. Take a bit longer for a water break at Wildwood Park. You want to finish by 3:00.

9:00 Start: 60+ miles of riding over mixed surfaces. I can do that in my big ring! Heck, I'll finish by 2:00 and pick up three KOMs in the process!

So please self-segregate into whichever group you think best fits. We're hoping everyone will be done by 3:00 and ready to enjoy the post-ride bliss! Announcement of post-ride festivities will be forthcoming!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tires Revisited

Check this out:

Locals have been pre-riding many of the trails, and are giving thumbs up saying skinny tires are fine. I wouldn't want to disagree with them, but do suggest you ride the fattest tire you can fit.

That said, these are currently on sale, and I would recommend them to anyone that can fit that size but not larger:

If you can fit larger, Clement MSO 40mm would be the tire of choice, but those run 38-39mm.

Most Challenge tires fit pretty true to size, and are a bear to install. But that Almanzo would be a screamer for this ride!!!

Hat tip to Dr. Of The River for sending this my way! No affiliation with any of the companies linked to above, yadda-yadda, the bisque was great.

Friday, January 10, 2014

And We're Live!

Water Canyon Trail by cyclotourist

Redlands Strada Rossa registration is now open!!! Whooo-hoo!

Click on through to the other side:

There is no charge for this ride, but we would like you to register so we can plan for post-ride calorie consumption! Please take a few minutes to register for the event through the IEBA site. They're good people by the way, and are working hard to get more people on bikes in inland Southern California.