Sunday, February 23, 2014

What To Do In Redlands

You are encouraged to come a day early or stay a day after the RSR. Further, if you bring a non-riding significant other, they should be able to have a nice time hanging out around town. If they ride, but don't want to put that many miles on, there are very nice recreational rides in town through historic neighborhoods. In fact if you/they like looking at Victorian, bungalow, or Arts and Crafts era homes, you'll love it here.

Places to visit, things to do:
  • Visit the A.K. Smiley Library
  • Visit the Redlands Bowl
  • Stroll through historic downtown
  • Eat lunch at The Farm restuarant
  • Grab a snack at Gourmet Pizza
  • Meander about on a historic home tour
  • Walk through BEAUTIFUL Prospect Park
  • Take an amazing bike ride along the Sunset Road route
  •  Check out Hangar 24 brewery (taster flights rock!)
  • Check out Ritual Brewing (who is helping us out with the post-ride libations!)
Finally, have them ride the route with you! As mentioned, there are plenty of bail out options, with all roads leading back to Rome the start.

Here's a good preview that will help sway you:

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Overnighting It

As the ride starts relatively early (8:00 or 9:00) and we're going to be having a pretty good post-ride get together (more on that to follow), you may want to get a room either before or after the ride.

The RSR does not have any affiliation or partnership with any of the hotels in town, but two we can recommend are the business friendly Ayers hotel and the wallet friendly Good Nite Inn

Both are close to get to the ride and with the Ayers being slightly closer.

Monday, February 3, 2014

While You're Considering A Ride In Redlands...

Now that we're all full-up, you're undoubtedly inspired to do even more riding in the area. Please take a few moments to consider the Redlands Emerald Necklace Ride!

It's going to be a really pleasant 45 mile road ride showcasing some of the great roads and open spaces of Redlands. LOTS of food stops along the way, so you'll really enjoy the pace of this one! Put on by the Redlands Conservancy in tandem with the IEBA, the same good people helping out with the Redlands Strada Rossa!

And they're so legit, they even have a map you can see:

Sign up here:

It would be a great way to explore the area prior to the main event on the 15th!