Wednesday, January 30, 2019

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Redlands Strada Rossa VI will have a KOM Challenge.
Fasted male up will win a $200 gift card to @printsonwood, and likewise, the fastest female up will win a $200 gift card to @woodsnap. Check out their great products.
1. You must complete either the 62 or 90-mile ride.
2. Your ride must be uploaded to @Strava by 4:30 on March 2nd.
3. You must register for the ride.
4. No pedal assist, motor or help allowed.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Lott'a talk about tires...

There is no such thing as the perfect tire or bike. Run what you brung is the mentality of this event. Get out, see stuff, ride fast, ride slow, meet people, have fun. If you're getting hung up on equipment, you're not doing the previous items correctly!

All the trails that are part of the RSR have been ridden with 28mm slicks.

And all of the same trails have been ridden with 3.0 plus tires.

And both are fun! It just depends on what you're looking for out of the day, and what your on-bike skills are.

Conservatively, fatter tires with more knobs are better. Especially by the end of a long ride when you're tired. At that point a little bit more traction on the dirt may be better than a little less rolling resistance on the road. This is especially true for the 90 mile route.

If your bike will fit it, a 40mm tire is great. Something fast rolling, but with some outboard knobs like a WTB Nano40

The Strada Rossa is not a race, so being a few minutes slower due to a chunky tire shouldn't ruin your day. Washing out on a loose corner and going to the ER will. Choose accordingly!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

RSR VI Registration Now Open.

Join us for the 6th edition of Strada Rossa on March 2nd 2019.
Strada Rossa is a rain or shine, mixed-surface, family friendly, bike ride organized by The Inland Empire Biking Alliance and followed by local food and beer in a backyard in Redlands.
90 mile ride @ 7:00am
66 mile ride @ 8:00am
33 mile ride @ 9:00am
To streamline registration, we will also be distributing wristbands on Friday 3/1/2019 at Stell Coffee from 6-8pm. The price of registration will jump to $90 two weeks before the event.
On Saturday morning the ride will stage from Stell Coffee in Redlands.
Turn sheets will be posted prior to the ride in a format accessible on mobile phones. If you'd like a paper copy, please plan on printing it out yourself at home.
The ride finish and afterparty will be held ~one mile up the hill at 1027 S San Mateo St 92373. Your wristband entitles you to as much as you can eat and one drink ticket. Please bring cash (or a card) to purchase additional beverages. T-shirts are pre-sale only.
Strada Rossa is not a race. You'll be sharing the road with vehicles and you must yield to trail users on foot and horseback. Do not deviate from the marked trails, even to avoid mud. Dismount from your bike if you encounter any hazards. You are likely to encounter bees as well, so be prepared for a real adventure.
Please extend the utmost courtesy to everyone you see on the course and represent the cycling community in a positive light.
Strada Rossa would simply not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors, partners and tireless volunteer crew.