Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bail Out Points

While this is a recreational/fun ride, it is still going to be pretty damn tough.  Plus it's unfortunately going to be hot... at least 85F. Be sure to have plenty of self-contained water and know the water options on the route (Hulda Crooks Park tennis courts, Wildowood City Park, Crafton Hills College gym).

If at some point on the ride you need to get back to Redlands, please be familiar with the route back. The recommended bail out spots are San Timoteo Canyon Rd at the 31 mile mark. Followed by Calimesa Blvd at the 41 mile mark. The final logical way back would be Oak Glen Rd at the 50 mile mark.

San Timotoe Canyon Rd. route: Left on San Tim, Right on Alessandro, over hill into Redlands.
Map point:

Calimesa Blvd route: Continue straight on Calimesa Blvd (will be busy, high/fast traffic), cross Oak Glen Rd (light), continue on 14th St. Cross Yucaipa Blvd (light), continues on as Sand Canyon Rd. Follow into Redlands.
Map point:

Oak Glen Rd. route: Continue straight on Oak Glen (may be busy, moderate to high/fast traffic), follow down hill, Right on Chapman Heights Rd (light), Right on San Canyon Rd. Follow into Redlands.
Map point:

Please know that everyone is invited to the after-ride party!!! No requirement to have finished or even to have begun the ride!!!

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