Sunday, March 9, 2014

Final Map Unveil!

Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for!

This is the final map, based on everything we know. It was pre-rode in it's entirety yesterday, and looks great! Couple sections of Orange Blossom Trail that are being bypassed due to storm damage. Jackrabbit trail in the Loma Linda hills is a little less than primo due to storm then motorcycle damage. Other than that, it's gonna' be a great route!

Pretty high on the epic-meter. It's doable in seven to eight hours at a moderate pace. It's being re-rode today at a fast pace to see what a good time for that is.

There is a water fountain at Hulda Crooks Park tennis courts at mile 16. They also have toilets up the hill behind that in the kid's park. Next water & toilets are at mile 46, Wildwood Canyon City Park. Final water is at Crafton Hills College gym, mile 59. No toilets. Plan accordingly! Remember, self-contained!!! There is also retail food and beverage available at mile 47 in Calimesa. Chevron & AM/PM, Taco Bell, Burger King. Those are the only retail services on the route.

Ride rolls at 8:00 for those planning needing more time. Faster riders should plan for a 9:00 roll out. Assembling in alley by Augie's coffe. They toast all their own beans on site, and have great coffee!

Ride ends where the party begins! Private party near downtown, you can see on the map. Will have food, local beer from Ritual, and local soft drinks from Empire.
Will be selling tickets for food and drink. It's very reasonably priced, and not included in your ride fee.

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