Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Course Familiarity

Woodhouse Rd.
Locals have the benefit of knowing the area. We really want out of towners to be similarly comfortable with route options. The best feature of the RSR is the ability to alter the course, adding or subtracting miles depending on how your legs and lungs are feeling that day. We lay out what WE think is the best route, but if you think otherwise, ride your own ride!

To that end, familiarizing or reacquainting yourself with previous routes is a good idea.

2015 route:

2014 route:

Take a look at how the routes go from Redlands and into Yucaipa, accessing open spaces in each community.

We are out pre-riding segments right now, confirming access, conditions, and fun-factor. It's going to be a good ride, count on it!

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