Monday, December 21, 2015

All systems are green... go!

And we're officially accepting registration for the 2016 event! Emails went out to prior participants, giving them first opportunity to sign up. Now it's open to all (well, technically always was)!

There are three courses available: English century (100 miles), metric century (62 miles) and metric half century (30 miles). As in previous years, all share the same course! A shared riding experience is one of the foundations of the RSR. The half-metric will be really straighforward, and a good ride for someone just getting into multi-surface rides. The metric century will begin the same as the half, but instead will keep going up to Yucaipa, Crafton and then Mentone. Great sampler of what we have to offer out here!

What's new this year is the 100 mile century ride. It's still being hammered out, but will add on at least two additional segments to the metric century route. The second of which, if all goes according to plan, will have a wee bit of elevation gain on it!

We will be capping registration off at 100 for the metric and half metric, and 50 for the English.

And while registering, please consider becoming an IEBA member. While it does save you a little bit on the fees, it helps us grow our organization. Membership is the key to a successful advocacy group, we need your help!


  1. Cant wait for the 2016 event. Last year was great. Wouldnt mind repeat most of the 100k route. But might want to have some alternate route that drains well for El Nino!

  2. Excellent! I think we're getting a lot of repeat customers, which is quite the compliment! Funny how this year rain may be our biggest problem! First year it was so hot, last year was about perfect though!

  3. Hi, looking at the pictures most people are riding MTBs, is the 100 mile route rideablewith a gravel bike?

  4. Stuart, YES! Gravel/CX is the BEST option. MTB of any sort is going to be penalized on the road sections (over 50%). Road bike is going to be penalized on the dirt section. I ride a CX bike with Clement MSO X'Plors and think that's awesome for about everything. YMMV of course. Here is my favorite review of the ride, they're on CX:

    1. Awesome news and that review was very helpful! Just signed up for the 100m, see you then!

    2. Glad to read you're in! Here are some thoughts on "best" bike: