Tuesday, December 18, 2018

OH DAM!!! Special Announcement!

Seven Oaks Dam Climb added to 2019 Strada Rossa
For a long time this climb has been teasing local riders with no hope of ever conquering this beast. Well that all changes NOW! IEBA has secured the use of this virgin climb for for #stradarossa. Today 5 souls took advantage of scoping out it's potential and, with enthusiasm, said put this in our March 2nd event. This will be the ONLY time it's open to the public and for the 64 and 100 mile routes. 
Make sure you get the chance to make Strava history. Registration opens Jan 1st. 


  1. To clarify in the post you said the privilege to ride up the dam is only for the 64 and 100 mile routes; however, on Bike Reg the choices for registration are 66 miles or 90 miles... What is the correct mileage 64/100 or 66/90? Cheers :)

  2. Great catch, Isaac! The two longer routes are the only ones going to the dam. Right now those are 65/90 miles respectively. The shorter route does not go to the dam. The longest route will some some amazing new dirt on it this year as well, and will be announced later.

  3. I am excited to ride my first Strada Rossa this year! I've signed up for the 66 miler, and I am particularly looking forward to this climb up the dam. In looking at the routes (I think last's year's routes are posted), where will the route take us from the top of the dam? Just curious... Gary W.

  4. Hi Gary, THANKS for the post! We won't have official routes up for a while as we still have to get them finalized. As for the dam portion (WHICH IS AWESOME!), if you look at it on Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/sBs1ED1rmPk we intend to climb the face coming up Santa Ana Cyn Rd. Go across it, then climb over to Alder Creek Rd to descend into Highland. Alder is a fast downhill, which is great in it's own right!