Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Paging All Helpful People (Code for: Volunteers Needed)

March 19th Redlands Strada Rossa is coming up fast. We have a good handle on the routes, finish party, food & drink, etc. What we need are volunteers to staff aid stations. Especially with the addition of a 100 mile course offering, we're shorthanded.

The RSR is a special and unique event. It's grass-roots bicycle culture at its best. Designed, implemented and staffed by volunteers. If you have done any sort of organized ride, you should be able to see the difference in our sign up fees compared to other events. We strive to keep this a low budget, low-overhead, and high-enjoyment event!

With that in mind, please consider volunteering, or seeing if a friend or family member would be interested. We endeavor to make this a fun ride, and riders are VERY appreciative of the volunteers. You will not be disappointed if you are able to volunteer!

We can also use a few people to pre-ride and mark the courses the week prior. We haven't done an off-road(ish) century before, so this is going to be some extra work. This is a touchy one as we don't want to do it too far ahead, but don't want to wait to the last minute. Remember the tacks from last year? Yeah.
All volunteers will receive a free t-shirt, meal, and drink! 

If you just want to do the short route, it's even possible to do that in the morning, and help out in the afternoon!

Please register HERE so we can confirm and get your t shirt size.

These are the volunteer positions we are looking to fill. 
Each SAG station needs two volunteers. Registration, Food prep and cooking needs at least four(4) each:
• THURS Course Marking
• FRI Course Marking
• 6:15-9AM Registration and pancake cooking
• 7:45-10:15AM SAG #1 Mentone
• 9:00-12:00AM SAG #2 Yucaipa
• 10:00-1:00AM SAG #3 Yucaipa
• 11:00-2:00AM SAG #4 Calimesa
• 12:00-3:00AM SAG #5 Redlands
• 12:00-3:00PM Food Prep (John's House)
• 1:00-5:00PM Cooking (John's)
• 50K Sweep rider
• 100K Sweep rider

If anyone is interested or wants more information on any of the above, please get hold of

David or Mark  and we can go over needs and options.

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