Sunday, February 21, 2016

After-ride party!

Food is going to be amazing. Drinks are locked in (Ritual). Now we have music! This will be a great place to hang out and unwind after the ride. Bring the kids, all are welcome!


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  2. Great route !! Painless registration!! Great after ride lunch and entertainment !! T-shirts not so great; There were enough women riders to maybe warrant women sizes next year :o)

    To the person who scolded the "volunteers" at Hangar 24 over some carrots/hummus (which tasted totally awesome) issue ... CHILL :o)
    Thanks to all who planned, plotted, sagged, cooked, entertained, served.
    I had a wonderful time and will totally come again next year.

  3. That hummus was amazing! Really spicy, liked it a lot! Glad you enjoyed the T.E.N.... hope you're signing up for Strada Rossa as well!