Monday, November 4, 2013

Not Just Dirt

This is multi-surface ride, so there will be plenty of roads to wind down. Not all will be as lovely as the one above, but I've endeavored to use as many rural back-roads as possible. About half the route is on dirt, so the other 50km will be asphalt!


  1. Are you planning on any shorter routes for the less physically fit?

  2. Good question! We settled on a 100km route as that is longer than a typical weekend ride at home, but shorter than a 100 mile century or 200km brevet. Basically it's enough to make this an "event" without sucking all your time & energy or making your significant other unhappy with your prioritization of activities.

    So that said, there is only going to be one route, the 100km route. But once it is finalized, there will be several bail out options posted that will get you back to the start. They won't be as scenic, but will be good alternatives to anyone during the ride that just needs to be done.

    In no way do we want to make this into something that intimidated people. It's designed to be demanding but FUN as well! If you're miserable due to the climbing or the distance then we've failed in setting it up.