Monday, November 18, 2013

Bailing Out

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This is not a race where you earn points and have your time posted.

This is not a randonnée with a card you have to check off.

This is not something you paid money for.

This is not something you're getting paid for.

This is a long ride, and there is a LOT of climbing on it... over 4,300 feet according to the internets!

So if you have to turn off the course and head back to town, to home, to the airport, do it! The minute you stop having fun, then it's time to figure out a way to get it started again. If that means getting an early start on the post-ride festivities, have at it!!!

There are going to be some strategically placed volunteers on the course that will be able to help out, but don't count on that. Bring a map, digital or paper, that shows you the different roads back to Redlands and the start. Every route back will have some positives and negatives, so best to plan out some options ahead of time.

Feel free to ask questions here and get some alternative routing info while you can!

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