Thursday, May 27, 2021

Gravelbike California: Redlands and Strada Rossa

Below is a newly produced video that Gravelbike CA just posted. I think it 100% captures the feel of the town and the trails we ride on. Please take a few to check it out and like/comment/subscribe to their great series of videos! 

We plan on seeing you on these trails next March if not sooner!!!


  1. “If not sooner”?? Does this mean a fall Strada Rossa might be coming or will it be slotted for March 2022?

  2. Not so much that, just the hope that people come out on their own and ride our trails prior to the spring. All the routes are posted, and there are no access issues or over-crowding. It may get a little warm come July, but early morning starts and finishing before noon work great!