Wednesday, February 5, 2020

BikeBBQ Donations Accepted

The Redlands Strada Rossa is a fundraiser by the non-profit IEBA. One of the components of that organization is the Redlands BikeBBQ. The BikeBBQ is a community bike shop, and 100% volunteer operated. It has a simple goal of getting more people on bikes. It does this by teaching people how to service their bikes, providing tools to work on them, selling used bikes and parts, and organizing community events. Good people run it, and work hard to make it a part of the Redlands bike community and culture.

To do all this, the BikeBBQ needs donations. Cash is of course wonderful, but not everyone is in the place where they can provide that. What many cyclists have are boxes full of old gear. That "Maybe I'll need this some day" sort of stuff in the garage. If you think you'll use those eight speed freewheels, cantilevers, and 26" wheels, by all means keep them. But if you're at the point where you won't be using them in the near future, the BikeBBQ can! 

Those of you who are coming out to Redlands, please consider donating used bike gear. Anything from socks to spokes is appreciated. Clothing, tools, shifters, brakes, chains, tires, frames, forks, packs/bags, trailers... you name it, the BBQ can use it. There will be a collection bin at the Redlands Asistencia which is the start and finish of the RSR. Please consider a donation while you are there!

You can see what the BikeBBQ looks like on a Google maps walk through and some photos to browse through:



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