Wednesday, February 27, 2019


We were hoping for clear skies, then maybe just a light drizzle. Now it looks like a substantial storm starting the morning of the second. Please be prepared for rain, highs in the 50s, and wind. The trails should hold up fine, but will obviously get you and your bike muddy.

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  1. I share the disappointment about the weather forecast. I have a couple of questions: Is there a scenario where the ride might be postponed? Or that the ride is re-routed around some of the riskier stretches of trail? I'm not worried about getting wet or muddy, but rather some of the steeper descents that will get really slippery if the rain is as intense as the forecasts predict. I have ridden the Crafton Hills a lot over the past several years, and I know it doesn't take a lot of rain to make the trail very slippery. Well, regardless, I'll be there and looking forward to a great time!