Monday, January 1, 2018

Redlands Strada Rossa 2018 Registration Now Open!

Beginning January first, you can register for the 2018 RSR V at

The process should be very straightforward and streamlined. There is a single price of $50 that will increase to $70 two weeks (approx) before the ride. We chose to have the single price as majority of riders choose the 100km route, with an equal distribution of riders choosing the 100 mile and 50km routes. Those two average out with the 100km people, so why not just have one price!

There is a $20 food only option if you have friends & family that want to join you at the finish. That includes the meal, as well as a beer ticket (local beer, and plenty of it on hand!).

If you really want to ride RSR, and you should, but don't have the cash, drop us a line... we have options! We would rather have you out here riding with us than staying at home!!!


  1. Signed up and petrified, but excited at the same time. Thanks for putting this event on!

  2. You'll have a blast, Chad! Thanks for taking a chance on it!