Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Be Prepared!

Please be warned, this is a tough ride! You're not riding on the Green River Santa Ana River Trail here! There is a LOT of dirt, that's the point. On the 100 mile ride, it's going to be technical as well. The 100 and 50 kilo routes don't have as much singletrack, but they're still going to have a lot of elevation, and a lot of dirt. Be prepared! If you're not sure about doing it on a road bike, pre-ride some of it and find out! If still not sure, hop on a MTB with some fast tires (Thunder Burts are my fave) and ride that!

Also, the forecast for Saturday is mid 80's! Carry lots of water, refill at the SAG stops, and be aware where public water is available or stores you can buy some at if needed.

Smooth roads await
Mentone SART


  1. Where is the route map? All I could find on the "event site" is an elevation profile. Not everyone has a Garmin or Smart phone. And I wish the registration costs were posted some place, so we don't have to go through that entire process just to find out how much it costs. Also, what is the discount with membership? Again we have to go through the entire join/registration process just to find out the cost?

  2. Hi Mallory, THANKS for the interest! We don't have maps posted yet, as we always like to spring them on folks at the last minute. This is meant to be a bit of an adventure/exploration ride. But it will be posted soon and will be fantastic. The best routes....
    As for the costs, if you go to the registration page and click on the pull-downs (down arrow) for each route, it will list the costs for members, as well as non-members: http://www.iebikingalliance.org/content.aspx?page_id=87&club_id=961736&item_id=570124
    Thanks again for reaching out, hope that explains everything!