Saturday, January 24, 2015

50km Route Pre-Ride

Canyon trails.

Back roads through orange groves.

Flat-land singletrack.

And a brewery.

What more could you want???

More pics from the ride:


  1. A bit of rain & southern California looks pretty inviting. The 50km looks like my speed. Looking forward to March 21.


  2. I hope it will rain again before March, just to keep it up!
    The 50km option is a really good one, you wouldn't be giving up a lot. Well, half of a lot maybe.
    I hopped on my bike and rode the 50 today w/out any training, so it's a lot more approachable. Start and finish are on the 100km route, so it's a mostly shared route.

  3. Ride is sold out?!! Any event day sign up?

  4. No, it just opened... I bet you're looking at teh 2014 registration from last year. Here's all the info for this year's 2015 event: (or just hit the "new post" link below.

    1. Thanks!! Will try to bring a group. Sounds fun!!

  5. It will 100% be fun, promised! And coming w/ a group of like-minded people is the way to do it!